Let's Make Your Outdoor
Furniture Dreamscape A Reality!

Crafting the Furniture

Amish Craftsmen Guild II is proud to offer innovative, high-quality, environmentally friendly outdoor furniture. We have over 500 items hand-crafted by Old Order Amish craftsmen. Our furniture is perfect for any location – poolside, lakeside, beachfront, boat, RV, campsite, deck, porch, patio, yard and garden.

Hand-Crafted by the Old Order Amish

ACGII’s furniture is hand-crafted by the Old Order Amish master craftsmen. The Amish are renowned for their meticulous and high-quality craft, attention to details and respect for tradition.  Each of the crafters takes special pride in their work, bringing you furniture you can use and enjoy year-round for many, many years to come.

Polylumber, the Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Polylumber is made completely of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic:

  • Post-Consumer Plastic – soda bottles, milk jugs, water bottles, etc.
  • Post-Dairy Plastic – defective milk jugs that can’t be used.
  • Post-Industrial Plastic – defective oil bottles that can’t be used.
  • Virgin Plastic – a small amount of repurposed virgin plastic is added to maintain the strength of the material.
  • Also included is a UV stabilizing agent to protect against fading and to condition the polylumber which prevents it from becoming brittle.
  • Polylumber contains absolutely no wood pulp.

Our Polylumber is created by extruding the plastic into dimensional lumber, similar in shape to wood lumber.  The Polylumber is then shipped to Old Order Amish crafters.

Polylumber is the superior choice for outdoor furniture: it is durable, long-lasting, weather-resistant and requires almost no maintenance.  Unlike natural wood, there is no need to re-surface or re-finish, just clean it with a soft rag and it’s ready for use!

All of our furniture comes with a life-time guarantee, meaning if it’s not due to misuse or abuse, we will fix or replace it for you. That’s how confident the Amish Craftsmen Guild II is that you will love your Polylumber furniture for years and years to come.