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Furniture Dreamscape A Reality!


Amish Craftsmen Guild II, located in Cedarburg Wisconsin is proud to offer innovative, environmentally-friendly outdoor furniture, produced entirely in the United States. All of our furniture is made with polylumber material and hand-crafted by Old Order Amish craftsmen. The combination of polylumber’s durability and well-respected Amish craftsmanship yields a unique and incredibly high-quality and weather-resistant product that is custom built for each individual customer.


Bud Goss and Laura Armstrong-Goss started their business with the support of their family in 1998. They have a hand in every aspect of the Amish Craftsmen Guild from designing the furniture with our Amish Crafters… Read More


Located in Historic Cedarburg Wisconsin… Read More


The humble beginnings of the Amish Craftsmen Guild occurred over seventeen years ago… Read More

Crafting the Furniture

ACGII’s furniture is hand-crafted by the Old Order Amish master craftsmen. The Amish are renowned for their meticulous… Read More