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Red Wolf Outdoors , A Signature Design By The Amish Craftsmen Guild
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Amish Craftsmen Guild Table Height Options Tutorial
Amish Craftsmen Guild During Covid 19
Amish Craftsmen Guild II in Cedarburg, WI is proud to be featured on The Morning Blend segment on Today’s TMJ4 TV in Milwaukee. Watch the videos of our appearances.
Morning Blend – 09/21/2018


Morning Blend – 08/10/2018


Morning Blend – 08/05/2018


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Give Dad a Backyard Oasis

Morning Blend – 06/15/2018

Father’s Day is approaching, and dad loves to be outside with family and friends.. Treat dad to some beautiful and sustainable outdoor patio furniture from Amish Craftsmen Guild! They specialize in timeless sustainable versatile high quality outdoor furniture made out of regionally recycled plastics that is for all four seasons! The furniture is completely assembled by Amish Crafters with customizable colors and signature designs. Let’s make your outdoor furniture dreamscape a reality! Stacie Nowak and Amanda Goss are back to show off what any dad would love in his backyard. If you mention you saw them on morning blend now through Dad’s Rock you can get 5% off new furniture purchases! Just say “Wisconsin Rocks” or “Dad’s Rock”.

Treat Mom to Some Beautiful Outdoor Furniture

Morning Blend – 5/06/2018

With Mother’s Day around the corner and the warmer weather finally here, it’s a great idea to give a gift that let’s Mom enjoy the outdoors. Today, we’re sharing the perfect gift idea, and the best part is, it will last her for decades! Stacie Nowak, Amanda Goss, and Laura Armstrong-Goss join us from Amish Craftsmen Guild to show off their sustainable, versatile, and timeless outdoor furniture options!

Durable, Recycled, and Beautiful!

Morning Blend – 4/13/2018

Earth Day is coming up on Sunday, April 22, and we’re showing off some outdoor furniture is a great example of protecting our environment. Not only is it made with recycled plastic, it’s also incredibly durable and looks great! Stacie Nowak and Amanda Goss are her from Amish Craftsmen Guild to show off just a taste of what they offer, and how they are supporting the community.

Customize Your Furniture to Match Anything!

Morning Blend – 3/26/2018

The timeless, sustainable, versatile four seasons furniture from Amish Craftsmen Guild is made from Wisconsin & Illinois recycled and repurposed plastics. You can customize your color scheme and leave your furniture out year round, and it’s backed with a 20 year warranty! Joining us to discuss this beautiful and durable furniture are Stacie Nowak and Amanda Goss.

Customize Your Furniture to Match Anything!

Morning Blend – 8/4/2017

Stacie Nowak and Amanda Goss appear on Today’s TMJ4 The Morning Blend to talk about the high-quality, hand crafted furniture at Amish Craftsmen Guild. Each piece of this versatile outdoor furniture can be customized to match your décor or sports team. There are a wide variety of colors and styles available!

Outdoor Furniture for Father’s Day

Morning Blend – 6/9/2017

What does Dad really want for Father’s Day? We don’t think any dad would say no to some relaxation time. How about some relaxation time outside on beautiful, comfortable, and durable outdoor furniture. Stacie Nowak and Amanda Goss appear on Today’s TMJ4 The Morning Blend to show off some of their options for the perfect Father’s Day gift!

Enhance your Outdoor Living

Morning Blend – 5/5/2017

Memorial Day, Graduations, Father’s Day, Fourth of July. These occasions, among others, are part of what make summer so great! When gathering to celebrate during the summer, we here in Wisconsin love to entertain outdoors. If you’re looking to kick up our outdoor entertaining environment, take a trip to Amish Craftsmen Guild in Cedarburg! Stacie Nowak and Amanda Goss appear on Today’s TMJ4 The Morning Blend to show off the numerous options they have to enhance your outdoor living.

No Need for Winter Storage

Morning Blend – 4/21/2017

We all know that our Wisconsin winters can be harsh. But the patio furniture from Amish Craftsman Guild doesn’t mind at all! It can stand up to the elements all year long, so you don’t have to worry about putting it away for storage. Joining Today’s TMJ4 The Morning Blend to share all the varieties of beautiful, sustainable furniture this locally owned family business offers are Amanda Goss and Stacie Nowak!

Versatile, Durable Outdoor Furniture

Morning Blend – 3/24/2017

In Wisconsin, we make the most of our good weather. So that means a lot of outdoor entertaining. When you’re hosting a gathering in your outdoor space, beautiful, quality furniture really adds to the experience. Amanda Goss and Stacie Nowak are with Amish Craftsmen Guild II, and they’re appearing on Today’s TMJ4 The Morning Blend to show off the variety of outdoor furniture they offer. Even better, this furniture is customizable, sustainable, and can be stored outside all year-round!

The Amish Craftsmen Guild Story

The Amish Craftsmen Guild II creates High Quality, Hand Crafted, Customizable, Sustainable Polylumber Outdoor Furniture. Learn about why we do what we do and listen to what some of our customers have to say!