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Frequently Asked Questions

What is polylumber, and what is the material made of?

Polylumber is a dense material made entirely out of plastic: Post-Consumer Plastic – soda bottles, milk jugs, water bottles, etc.; Post-Dairy Plastic – defective milk jugs that can”t be used; Post-Industrial Plastic – defective oil bottles that can’t be used; and Virgin Plastic – a small amount is added to maintain the strength of the material.  Unlike other composite materials similar to this one, polylumber contains no wood pulp.  This material is then brought to the Old Order Amish crafters in Pennsylvania, who craft them similarly to how they would natural wood.

Will the color ever fade?

The color of the polylumber is dyed all the way through the material, not painted on top.  A UV stabilizing agent is also added, which means minimal to no fading.  Although we cannot guarantee our product will never fade because the sun is a very powerful source of energy that is out of our control, we have had excellent outcomes with the UV stabilizer.  Customers joyfully return adding to their furniture collection year after year as the color is so slmilar if not the same!

Is all the hardware stainless steel?

Yes, all of the hardware (screws, nails, gliding mechanisms, and swivel parts, etc.) are all stainless steel.  We do use aluminum supports on some pieces.

Are you sure it will be okay to leave our furniture outside even through the winter?

Our furniture is meant to stay outside year round!  This is one of the major advantages to our furniture over our competitors.  Since there is no wood pulp in the polylumber, it is resistant to mold and mildew.  All the hardware is stainless steel, so it is rust-free in normal weather circumstances.  Save yourself the effort of dragging outdoor furniture in to storage, and just leave it outside through snowy Midwest winters.

How long will it take for our furniture to come in once we have ordered it?

If you choose to custom order your furniture, it will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to come in.  During certain times of the year it can take longer.

Does your furniture come fully assembled?

All of our furniture is hand-crafted by the Old Order Amish, coming fully assembled and completely ready to be used and enjoyed.

Does this furniture come with any sort of warranty?

As long as you are the original purchaser and have the original receipt, all of our furniture comes with a 20 year warranty on both the material and craftsmanship.  If you ever have an issue with our furniture that is not due to misuse or abuse, we will happily fix or replace it for you.  We do not have any guarantee against fading, however we have found fading to be minimal, if any, over a lengthy period of time.

Do you ever offer discounts or sales on items?

Throughout late spring into early fall, Amish Craftsmen Guild participates in different home and garden shows all over the Wisconsin area.  When we are taking part in a show, we usually offer a discount.  This discount applies not only to the show, but also carries over to both of our stores.  This discount is usually comparable to 5% off both orders and in stock, but is always subject to change.

Does it cost extra to have two colors on one chair?

There is no extra charge to having two colors on one chair, however, having three or more colors is an additional cost.  Some of our Amish Crafters do have an upcharge for bright colors.

Are there any discounts if we order many pieces at one time (have an especially large order)?

There are not usually discounts, but this is subject to the specific order.  We do offer bulk discounts for retailers looking for wholesale.  Landscaping companies, hotels and other commercial areas.  Please call us on a case-to-case basis with further questions.

If I want the furniture delivered, what are our options?

We are happy to deliver your furniture to you and it always completely assembled!   We offer Premium Delivery rates throughout Wisconsin, as well as certain zones of northern Illinois.  For further distances please see our shipping section as we offer competitive shipping rates.

Do you ship? And if so, how expensive would it be?

We can ship and have shipped our furniture all over the country.  All of our furniture comes fully assembled.   To give a customer a shipping quote, we need to know what item(s) they are interested in and where they would like it to be shipped.  We then contact the shipping company for the quote.  Please call us if this is something you would like us to work on with you.

What cleaning products do you recommend?

We recommend using Natural Choices Refillables Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate.  They are locally made and safe for the environment.  Plus, they clean our furniture spectacularly!

What cleaning method do you recommend?

Polylumber furniture may be cleaned using non-abrasive soap or cleanser. Microfiber cloths work nicely, though some tougher spots may require use of a high pressure hose (wand setting ONLY – avoid using the stream jet setting as damage to the furniture may occur). Sponges may be used as long as they are non-abrasive. Original Magic Erasers work well on the Polylumber furniture, especially white Polylumber.