Model # Item Name 2016 Price
WOC01 Classic Single Stationary Chair TBD
WOC02 Classic Single Rocking Chair TBD
WOC03 Classic Single Glider TBD
WOC04 Classic Double Stationary Bench TBD
WOC05 Classic Double Rocking Bench TBD
WOC06 Classic Double Glider TBD
WOC07 Classic Double Swing (48″ w/gal/chains) TBD
WOC13 Classic Triple Swing (60″ w/gal/chains) TBD
WOC08 Classic Stationary Footrest TBD
WOC09 Classic Gliding Ottoman TBD
WOC10 Classic Accent Table (1/2″ Slats) TBD
WOC11 Classic Coffee Table TBD
WOC12 Classic Gliding Settee TBD

Traditional with labels
*Color options vary by item.  Bright colors on some designs may increase price of items 3% to 10%. Consult our sales staff for details.
**Prices subject to change and do not include tax or delivery.
***Please supervise children when using gliders as fingers can get pinched in glider mechanism.

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