Americana Leisure

Model # Item Name 2015 Price
ST07 Americana Rocking Chair $429.00
ST08 Americana Single Glider $581.00
ST09 Americana Double Glider $781.00
ST10 Americana Double Bench $596.00
ST11 Americana Double Swing $572.00
ST12 Americana Coffee Table (37″x17″x18.5″ High) $298.00
ST13 Americana 14″ Accent Table $166.00
ST14 Americana 20″ Accent Table $190.00
ST15 Americana Corner Sectional Sofa (w/o cushion) $536.00
ST16 Americana Armless Sectional Sofa (w/o cushion) $392.00
ST17 Americana Club Arm Chair (w/o cushion) $453.00
ST18 Americana Stationary Ottoman $250.00
ST19 40″ Americana Curved Bench $333.00
ST20 Americana Right Arm Sectional Sofa (w/o cushion) $428.00
ST21 Americana Left Arm Sectional Sofa (w/o cushion) $428.00

See also Americana Table Chairs.
Traditional with labels
*Color options vary by item.  Bright colors on some designs may increase price of items 3% to 10%. Consult our sales staff for details.
**Prices subject to change and do not include tax or delivery.
***Please supervise children when using gliders as fingers can get pinched in glider mechanism.

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