ACG2 Promises to You

ACG2 promises to maintain the highest standards in both product quality and service.  We promise to do everything we can to make your purchase and receipt a smooth and enjoyable process.  We want you to be our customer for life.  We want your referrals and testimonials.  Please remember that this process, from beginning to end, happens involving humans.  Despite our efforts, there may be times when things may not go as smoothly as we would like.  If the unlikely should happen, please know that we promise to remedy the situation ASAP.  ACG2 furniture is handcrafted in imperfect conditions by imperfect human beings, using Polylumber, a recycled product and certain small imperfections are considered natural and characteristic.  We promise to operate under the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  ACG2 expects that those individuals we have the pleaser of doing business with do the same.  Remember ‘Nice gets Nice…!’

Let’s get this started; “I can’t wait to get my furniture…!”

  • With a 50% deposit due at the time you place your customized furniture order, we promise to get your order to the crafter promptly.  The remainder amount due is at time of pickup or delivery.  During our “Winter Sales Event” other arrangements may be required.  FYI: Orders typically take between 30 and 60 days, unless otherwise specified. Some orders may, in exceptional circumstances, take up to 90 days.  “Spring Thaw” in most cases means, anywhere between late February and early May (assuming the order was placed in the winter months)!  Estimated arrival dates, to our warehouse, are approximate and may occur before, on, or after the date listed.
  • We promise to use the information on your order, for all pertinent correspondence.  Please make sure it is correct (street vs. avenue, house # and telephone #, etc.).
  • We promise to fulfill the order as it is written on your order form.  Please know the first color listed is the seat and/or back color.  The second color listed is the frame and arm color.  We are happy to give you the option of more than two color combinations, for an additional charge.  Please understand each crafter builds their furniture as an artist would paint canvas, so there are individual limitations set by each crafter including color, function, and style.  We promise to help you understand any such limitations.

Oops, “I changed my mind…!”

  • We promise to contact you as soon as your furniture is ready for pick up!  Due to limited space, we ask that you make every effort to come within 10 days of notification.
  • We promise to have your furniture at the store as long as we are given 48 hours notice that you are coming, as items must be brought from the warehouse to the store for pickup.  Customers who fail to pick up furniture on schedule day, without notice, will be charged a $10.00 per day storage fee.  This fee will be due at the time furniture is picked up along with the remaining balance.
  • We promise to make this process as smooth as possible, by having staff available to help you load your furniture onto your vehicle or trailer.  In order to do this, we must ask you to schedule a “specific time” on a “specific day” chosen to pick up your furniture.  Please remember to bring blankets and/or tie downs to protect your furniture on the way home.

“I am so excited, but could you please DELIVER my furniture?”  ABSOLUTELY!!
Check out our rates, and corresponding promises… 

  1. Premium Delivery*:0-10 miles $50.00, 11-20 miles $75.00, $2.75 per mile for each additional 1 mile over 20 miles.  We promise that furniture will be delivered and placed where you need, ON A DATE MUTUALLY AGREED UPON.  Please note that hazardous areas and distances are at the discretion of our delivery team and additional charges may apply.
  2. Standard Delivery*:0-10 miles $25.00, 11-20 miles $50.00, $2.75 per mile for each additional 1 mile over 20 miles.  We promise that your furniture will be placed upon your drive way as close to your home or garage as possible, on a date DETERMINED BY ACG2 (with prior notification).  Please note that hazardous areas are at the discretion of our delivery team and additional charges may apply.
  3. Bulk Delivery*:When available, Bulk Delivery charges vary, and are available to certain zip codes in popular market areas.  We promise that your furniture will be placed upon your drive way as close to your home or garage as possible, on a date and time DETERMINED BY ACG2, prior notification will be given.  Please note that hazardous areas are at the discretion of our delivery team and additional charges may apply.  Additional placement service may be available, minimum $25 fee.  Bulk deliveries operate like a co-op and therefore may take longer to receive than Standard or Premium deliveries.  Being a service, gratuities are encouraged to the delivery team.  *Due to the unstable cost of fuel, there may be an additional charge.  ACG2 will notify you of any such charge prior to delivery.

Care of Furniture

We offer a locally made, Earth-friendly de-greaser and deck and patio cleaner that will help get rid of tough stains or embedded dirt. In addition, we offer the Ultra-Shine, which works well to help maintain the luster. Polylumber furniture may be cleaned using non-abrasive soap or cleaner. Microfiber cloths work well. Sponges may be used as long as they are non-abrasive. Original Mr. Clean Magic Erasers may be used on your furniture (extra-strength should only be used on white furniture). A pressure washer may be used on the wand setting ONLY to clean tougher spots (higher settings may cause damage). Weight limits HAVE NOT been determined for our furniture.



REMINDER: Always supervise children and pets when using gliders and rocking chairs as fingers, paws, or tails could get pinched or otherwise seriously injured. Never stand on rockers or gliders as weight shifts do occur and may cause injury. It is dangerous to stand on furniture!



Pride in creating quality pieces is our Crafters’ guarantee. In case of workmanship or structural defect, either correction or replacement will occur, to be determined by The Amish Craftsmen Guild II and the Crafter or the Manufacturer of Polylumber.  Packaging and shipping to and/or from is solely the responsibility of the consumer. An original receipt must accompany the merchandise. Warranty is limited to workmanship and/or structural defects. Minimal fading is to be expected.  Fading is not covered under the warranty.  Warranty is valid for twenty (20) years from date of purchase for residential use and three (3) years for commercial use. The warranty does not transfer and is only valid to the original owner. ACG2 is not responsible for failure of furniture performance caused by neglect or abuse by customer, customer family or others. Warranty is void if a person or company makes design alterations or repairs on products without prior written approval by The Amish Craftsmen Guild II.

I am ready and looking forward to using my furniture in winter, spring, summer and fall!

All of the above makes sense to me and if an unlikely and unexpected issue should arise, I promise to inform ACG2 as soon as possible.


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Thank you for choosing Amish Craftsmen Guild II for your fine outdoor furniture!


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