Terms and Conditions


  • Minimum deposit of 50% is required upon placement of order, with remainder due at time of pickup or delivery. Orders typically take between 30 and 60 days, unless otherwise specified. Some orders may take up to 90 days.
  • I have checked AND DOUBLE CHECKED that my name, address and contact phone number is correct.
  • I have checked that my order is written correctly and have included all special instructions in the order, including color choice.  I understand the first color listed is the seat and back color. Second color listed is the frame color.  Three + color combinations will be charged a minimum of $25 for each additional color. Some crafters may charge an additionally.
  • I understand each piece of furniture is handcrafted and each crafter uses their own Polylumber and hardware. As a result, style, color, and other characteristics may vary slightly from piece to piece.



Cash and carry items may be exchanged for in store credit only, subject to no signs of abuse or misuse determined by ACG2 staff.

Orders canceled within 2 days incur no penalties. Orders canceled between 3 and 7 days subject to 20% restocking fee.

AFTER 7 days, NO REFUNDS are given on cancelled orders, including any deposit made.

I understand that should I choose to alter my order, I must do so within 2 days of placing the order. Any items altered after 2 days may be subject to a messenger or restocking fee.

Estimated arrival dates are approximate and may occur before, on, or after the date listed.



Customer pickup of furniture must be scheduled within 10 days of notification to customer. PLEASE GIVE THE STORE 48 HRS. NOTICE AND BRING YOUR OWN PACKING MATERIALS. Because items must be brought from the warehouse to the store for pickup, customers not picking up furniture on scheduled day will be charged a $10.00 per day storage fee, unless other prior arrangements have been made. This fee will be due at the time furniture IS picked up along with any remaining balance. We ask that all customers schedule a specific time for furniture pick up so staff can plan accordingly to assist with the pick-up. Customer must notify the store if they are going to be late for their scheduled pick up time.



Standard Delivery:

$15 local delivery is available upon request within a five (5) mile radius of the store. We offer delivery outside of that radius, at a fee of $2.50 per mile with a $50.00 minimum. Delivery mileage charges are calculated using MapQuest from our store location to your delivery address.   Due to the unstable cost of fuel, there may be an additional fuel surcharge. ACG2 will notify you of any such charges prior to delivery. Delivery is curbside only. See Optional Delivery Services for any other delivery needs.

Bulk Delivery:

When available, bulk deliveries are made on a date and time determined by ACG2. Due to the unstable cost of fuel, there may be additional charge. ACG2 will notify you of any such charges prior to delivery. Bulk deliveries are curbside only. See Optional Delivery Services for any other delivery needs.

Optional Delivery Services:

Available delivery services: $25.00 placement fee for our drivers to set up the furniture in a designated place. Set up of furniture involving more than 5 steps is $50.00.  More than 10 steps $100.00. Delivery drivers may choose to not place furniture if they determine it to be a dangerous situation. In that case, a refund of placement charges will be reimbursed by way of a company check.


I have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions:


Customer Signature: ___________________________________________________           Date: ________________________


Printed Name: _______________________________________________________


Thank you for choosing Amish Craftsmen Guild II for your fine outdoor furniture!


Care of Furniture

We offer a locally made, Earth-friendly de-greaser and deck and patio cleaner that will help get rid of tough stains or embedded dirt. In addition, we offer the Ultra-Shine, which works well to help maintain the luster. Polylumber furniture may be cleaned using non-abrasive soap or cleaner. Microfiber cloths work well. Sponges may be used as long as they are non-abrasive. Original Mr. Clean Magic Erasers may be used on your furniture (extra-strength should only be used on white furniture). A pressure washer may be used on the wand setting ONLY to clean tougher spots (higher settings may cause damage). Weight limits HAVE NOT been determined for our furniture.



REMINDER: Always supervise children and pets when using gliders and rocking chairs as fingers, paws, or tails could get pinched or otherwise seriously injured. Never stand on rockers or gliders as weight shifts do occur and may cause injury. It is dangerous to stand on furniture!


NOTE: Swivel gliders and benches must be placed on a level surface. Failure to do so could result in tipping, which could cause serious injury.



Pride in creating quality pieces is our Crafters’ guarantee. In case of workmanship or structural defect, either correction or replacement will occur, to be determined by The Amish Craftsmen Guild II and the Crafter or the Manufacturer of Polylumber.


Packaging and shipping to and/or from is solely the responsibility of the consumer. An original receipt must accompany the merchandise. Warranty is limited to workmanship and/or structural defects and is not valid if consumer neglect or abuse has occurred. Warranty is valid for twenty-five (25) years from date of purchase for residential use and three (3) years for commercial use. The warranty does not transfer and is only valid to the original owner. The original receipt must be presented in order to maintain warranty.


We will not be responsible for failure of furniture performance caused by unreasonable neglect or abuse.


Minimal fading is to be expected. Fading is not covered under the warranty.


Warranty is void if a person or company makes design alterations or repairs on products without prior written approval by The Amish Craftsmen Guild II.


The Golden Rule

ACG2 always tries to ensure the best experience possible. There are occasions when things may not go as smoothly as we would like while maintaining high standards and quality in both product and service.  Polylumber is an imperfect recycled product.  Our furniture is handcrafted in imperfect conditions by imperfect human beings. Certain small imperfections are considered natural or characteristic. However, when life happens and things don’t go quite as we would like, know that when it is something we are responsible for that we will do our best to rectify the situation. We expect that you will address such issues with ACG2 and will respect our staff when addressing any issues while going by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  Know that, “Nice gets Nice.”

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